Lent Reflections 2022

Isn’t Lent the time when people give up coffee or sugar and then torture their friends and relatives by being hangry and grumpy until Easter? Is there something more to it?

This year for Lent, a few of our Jesus People community members have put together a series of readings with beautiful artwork to encourage us to slow down and pay attention to the undeserved gift we have all received of Jesus’ death. The reflections are short but quite powerful. If you’d like to join us, we are releasing them daily on Instagram and Facebook . There is also a playlist available on YouTube.

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Jesus People Podcast

One of the best things about living in community is having the chance to sit down with your neighbors and talk about what’s real.

These conversations tend to be wide ranging, covering everything from who sells the best deep-dish pizza in Chicago to hearing about why someone has been living in community for the past two decades. The Jesus People Podcast was begun because we know that so many people would love to have the opportunity to hear about what’s going on at Jesus People but live too far away to show up, plop themselves on a couch, and hear about life in community.

If this sounds like something you’d like to be part of, follow this link and take a listen.

Music to Celebrate Christmas

Advent 2020

It’s Advent Season and our celebrations look a little different this year but we are finding new, online ways to honor the birth of Jesus. Several of our in-house musicians from Grrr Records, including Glenn Kaiser and members of The Crossing, have put together some music videos with their takes on Christmas songs old and new.

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