Public statement addressed to those who were harmed at Jesus People

Jesus People: Living Together in Intentional Community and Serving the Poor

Who We Are

We are a church family of nearly 200 people living together in intentional community, sharing a 10-story building in the Uptown neighborhood of Chicago.

Person washing pots and pans
Our community includes individuals of all ages; we're made up of young adults, married couples, children, and older adults.
Playing guitar for outside worship time
We host many visitors and groups each year from around the world who are interested in what communal living looks like in real life and want to join us in serving the poor.
Woman taking notes at a community meeting

We have been living together communally since 1972.

Learn more about our history

Our Wilson Abbey building at 939 W. Wilson

What We Do

We take on the radically counter-cultural yet fantastically ordinary task of doing life together.

  • We build deep authentic relationships with one another amidst celebration, grief, dishes, business, forgiveness, and prayer.
  • We sustain ourselves through mission businesses, strengthen ourselves by practicing forgiveness and unity in our home, and extend ourselves through serving the poor - within and outside our walls.
The front of our home at 920 W. Wilson

Why We Do It

We have each been impacted by the freeing love of the incarnate Christ, and we seek to live out this embodied love through the messy practice of daily communion.

We have learned that living in close proximity to the poor and disenfranchised keeps us close to the heart of Jesus, reminding us always of our own poverty and need for Christ.

Our Vision
A child going down a slide in our playground

How You Can Participate

Are you interested in visiting, moving in, or supporting our work?

A father and daughter together
Consider coming for a short visit or living with us. We would love to meet you.
People sitting around a table playing a game
We love groups! Find out how your group (young or old) can experience our unique style of community and serve with us.
Woman playing a guitar during a worship service
We appreciate your support! Consider giving financially to our work.